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77 years later, she renews her wedding vows … this time with a dress

In 1944, they married with just two days’ notice. This time, they finally got the chance to plan the details.

The excitement, the joy and their loving eyes: almost nothing has changed since Frankie and Royce King said “yes” to each other 77 years ago. But there was something special about this anniversary. For the renewal of their vows, the couple, who live in Oelwein, Iowa, were able to relive their wedding day in full dress.

Indeed, when the young lovebirds put the rings on their fingers on September 16, 1944, the ceremony was very quick, with only two days notice. There was no wedding dress or big party to mark the event. There was a good reason: The wedding had been arranged in a hurry because Royce, an Air Force officer, was mobilized to fight in World War II.

“He was posted as a lieutenant in the air force… he just got his pilot wings. He got a short leave. They had been engaged for about six months, so they decided to get married before he was deployed overseas, ”said their daughter Sue Bilodeau. CBS News. She also told the Register of Monks what her mother explained: “We didn’t have time to organize a big wedding and we didn’t have a photographer.

More than half a century later, the nonagenarian couple now live in their home with help from Hospice Sainte-Croix, and staff recently asked them where their wedding photos were. When Royce and Frankie explained that they don’t have one, the hospice team decided to help them mark the anniversary in a memorable way. During a small ceremony, with music from the 40s, the bride and groom reconfirmed their love, this time with an appropriate wedding dress and a photographer.

Royce waited outside blindfolded as his wife approached in her white dress. When they discovered her eyes, “he just looked at her and beamed. They both did. It was very sweet, ”Bilodeau told CBS News.

The story was picked up by various media as the beautiful love of the couple, captured in the photos, moved hearts everywhere. Bilodeau told the Des Moines Register that a reporter at the wedding asked the couple what they considered the best thing to do to be married for 77 years. “Dad said, ‘Have Frankie by my side…’ and mom said, ‘Like my dad used to say, I always think of that little saying: Lord, give me patience and give it to me now.’ “

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