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Andy Murray says he’s in hot water “at home” after wedding ring stolen while strapped to his shoes

Andy Murray

MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP via Getty Andy Murray

Andy Murray is looking for something valuable to him.

The 34-year-old British tennis star revealed in a series of Instagram videos this week that her wedding ring was stolen due to a strange series of events.

In the caption of his post, Murray wrote: “Swipe up to hear the story of and Yes I know I’m an idiot and looking back it sounds like a terrible idea but I need help What a should be the reward for getting it back? “

He added the hashtags “#ring #shoes #idiot #help #clown”.

Murray explained in his videos that while in California to compete in the Indian Wells tournament, he left his “wet, sweaty and smelly” tennis sneakers under his car outside his hotel for “their. breathe in and dry them overnight “.

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The next morning, as he drove to his car, the sneakers had been stolen. Murray says he went to a local pro’s store to purchase shoes that weren’t his usual competition brand, while noting that it wasn’t “the end of the world … but not ideal.”

“While I was getting ready for my practice, my physiotherapist said to me: ‘Where is your wedding ring? And I was like, ‘Oh no’, ”he continued, recounting. “And I basically tie my wedding ring to my tennis shoes when I play because I can’t play with my hand. So yes, my wedding ring was stolen too.

Murray, who married his wife Kim Sears – with whom he has four children – in 2015, told his followers: “Needless to say I’m in the wrong books at home, so I want to try and find him.”

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He then asked his followers to help him find the group, begging, “If anyone can share this or can get an idea of ​​where it is, that would be very helpful so I can try to find it. retrieve it.”

Murray’s round of 16 game will take place on Friday, with the athlete facing Frenchman Adrian Mannarino.

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