Wedding vows

Bishop renewed the couple’s wedding vows – to Accrington Asda!

A DEDICATED couple proved their love for each other as they walked down the aisle … of their local supermarket.

The Stanley and Anne Brotherton with a Difference ceremony was held at ASDA in Accrington in 2006 with some help from the store’s resident chaplain, Bishop Phillip Norris.

The couple, who had been married for 36 years, were only in the store to do a bit of shopping, but after a chance meeting with the bishop, they decided to go ahead with the ceremony in the section. fresh flowers.

Ms Brotherton said: “None of my friends think we remarried at ASDA.”

Having lost their wedding ring and since Stanley had never had one, the couple decided to buy new ones but wanted to have them blessed.

They first went to St James’s Church in Accrington for advice, but after finding it closed they went shopping at ASDA.

Mrs Brotherton added: “We saw the bishop and I told Stanley to ask him to bless the rings, but just as a joke.

“The next thing we found out he had quite a ceremony, I just wanted to inquire and make arrangements.

“I had never been so embarrassed in my life but it was really cool.”

The ceremony saw Bishop Phillip give a short reading before blessing the rings in front of a crowd of buyers. plus his sons Stephen and granddaughter Rebecca.

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