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Bradley Walsh remained confused after candidate shared his wedding plan on The Chase

Bradley Walsh returned to our screen on Tuesday to introduce four new contestants to the show, but viewers were stunned by Frankie’s cash prize confession

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Chase’s contestant baffles fans with intent to spend money

A contestant for The Chase left viewers bewildered after revealing what she plans to do if she wins the cash prize.

Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants to the ITV show – Pablo, Frankie, Veronica and Jordan – who were all keen to pocket as much money as possible.

When it was Frankie’s turn to face the cash builder, the 60-year-old host of the show, Bradley asked her what she would spend her winnings on, which she said she was. had put on for his wedding, reports Star of the day.

She explained that she had already booked the venue and picked out the dress of her dreams, but there was still a few things left to pay for.

Bradley was stunned



However, Frankie then dropped the bombshell that her boyfriend Aidan hasn’t offered to her yet.

Bradley was just as stunned by his admission as viewers at home were when they used their keyboards to share their views.

One person said: “Frankie is planning her wedding even though her current boyfriend hasn’t proposed it. [for] the hill guy. “

Another joked, “Forget about a marriage, she won’t have a boyfriend if she doesn’t succeed.”

Her boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet



“What marriage? He didn’t propose,” said a third.

While a fourth wrote: “This woman on The Chase says if she makes any money it will go to her wedding. She bought a dress and booked the venue but her boyfriend has yet to propose. Hmm seems desperate to me. “

Bradley then took matters into his own hands in an attempt to help Frankie get his partner’s proposal.

He asked her: “What is his name?

“Aidan,” she replied.

Bradley then, looking directly at the camera, said, “Aidan, come on, get moving on this.”

Frankie scored £ 5,000 in her cash round which she admitted was disappointed with.

But her risk of gambling for the most money in her one-on-one with The Sinnerman, real name Paul Sinha, was not in her favor as she was eventually nabbed by Paul, leaving her behind. go home empty. delivered.

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