Wedding anniversary

Couple celebrates 50 years of marriage at Walt Disney World

ORLANDO, Fl. – Suzanne and David Switzer have frequented Disney parks for as long as they can remember. While they currently live in South Carolina, they try to visit the parks at least once a month.

“I went to Disneyland as a kid in 1955, and that was the year it opened, and that sort of thing got me hooked on Disney,” says Suzanne, who also made her husband David obsessed with Disney magic after they were married.

This year Suzanne and David are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, coinciding with the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney Worlds. The park holds decades of special memories for the couple, whose six children practically grew up in the parks.

“Every two or three years we had someone having a new experience,” says David, who can’t help but reflect fondly on all the incredible memories he and his family had at Disney. “It’s so special to remember the memories,” adds Suzanne.

Today, Suzanne and David no longer need to bring their kids to Disney for fun, and often go take photos and meet their favorite characters. They plan to renew their vows at the Disneys Wedding Pavilion, the same location where they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 1995.

Disney is the parent company of Localish.

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