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Couple celebrates 50th wedding anniversary by recreating a roller coaster honeymoon

A couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary by recreating their honeymoon in a theme park.

Peter and Christine Draper marked their 50th birthday together by revisiting one of their favorite parts of their honeymoon half a century earlier – a roller coaster ride from Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

In 1971, the couple chose a honeymoon in Hemsby after getting married in Essex, where they are from.

They decided to mark their golden anniversary by riding the roller coaster for the first time since their honeymoon on an outing with their children and grandchildren.

Mr Draper, 69, said: “We loved going there. We always thought it was faster at the back than at the front, but it’s not.

“We thought about moving here, but we ended up emigrating to Australia. We love the atmosphere in Great Yarmouth.

Peter and Christine Draper

“We thought we could have our golden wedding anniversary in Jamaica, but Great Yarmouth comes close behind.”

Ms. Draper, 66, added: “It was fun. I was a little nervous before going, but once the ride started, everything was fine. I would do it again. “

The couple returned from Australia to England and now visit Yarmouth at least once a year.

Jamie Jones, Director of Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, said: “The day brought back a lot of nostalgia for them. It’s a really exciting day for them, and I’m glad they enjoyed their day here.

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