Wedding ring

Couple who visited Scotland are delighted they found a lost wedding ring using What3Words

A couple who visited Scotland on vacation were elated after the good Scots used the What3Words locator app to find their lost alliance.

Robert Hardy, 52, lost his silver ring in Irvine Beach in North Ayrshire with his wife Emma Hardy and two children last week on August 31.

Luckily, his 15-year-old daughter Lily accidentally took a screenshot when they were there from the What3Words app which specified exactly where the family was sitting.

What3Words is an app used by UK emergency services and gives every square in the world a unique three word address.

Emma and Robert with their children Lily, 15, and Gethin, 10.

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The family, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, made calls on Facebook to see if anyone had found the ring.

They then shared the three words of the app with groups of metal detectors in Scotland.

Architect Robert was elated when he heard from a couple, known only as Meg and Graham, who had come out and located the ring with a metal detector.

Emma, ​​46, shared her joy on Facebook on Thursday, September 2 after returning to the ring, writing: “The power of social media and nice people.

“Absolutely thrilled that Bob’s wedding ring was found on Irvine Beach thanks to some really kind and passionate metal detector enthusiasts in the area.

“We used What3Words to give an exact location of where we think it was lost, and it seems people with metal detectors like a challenge.

“Omg, we are so happy! “

The post has now garnered over 2,000 likes with hundreds of comments from readers delighted with the story.

Valerie Wilkinson said: “This is great news. They like a challenge.”

Gibbs Pilfred wrote: “Nice to have nothing for you.”

Lindsey Stawart commented: “It’s really amazing.”

Linda Asquith replied, “This is wonderful news. Well done for the detectors.”

Speaking today, Emma said: “We were taking a mini break in Irvine with our two children and our dog, visiting several beaches and Culzean Castle.

“Our kids always watch What3Words every time we go to a new place to be entertained by the word combination. I had no idea she took a screenshot of the three words.

“We left the beach around 7 pm to go to our hotel and it was not until the next morning that my husband noticed that his wedding ring was missing.

“We searched high and low but were unsuccessful. We went back to the beach to look but nothing.

“On the way home I flooded FB with messages calling for help and someone suggested that a bunch of metal detectors might be of help.

“The people in this group were very eager to help, wanting to know the location of where we believe he was lost.

“In particular, a very helpful couple in the Irvine area offered to go to the beach on Thursday night after downloading the What3Words app and using my words to direct them to the exact spot where we were sitting.

“Apparently, on one hit from the metal detector, the ring was found, buried in the sand. They contacted me immediately.

Emma added: “We were 300 miles from home at this point and asked me to describe the ring.

“They sent me a picture and we knew straight away it was my husband’s.

“We sincerely thought it was lost for good. Luckily, he only went to the beach and to the hotel that day.

“I walked the dog around Irvine so we’re thankful he didn’t join me as we would have been looking along the river as well!”

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