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“I hate your attitude and the assumptions you make”

A TikToker declined to respond to a follower who criticized his alliance in a comment.

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Hannah Stella (@mrshannahstella) describes herself in her social media bio as “your favorite dinner guest” and “bon vivant” – which translates from French to someone who enjoys the finer things in life, especially food and drink.

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Suffice to say that her presence on social networks is also very happy and filled with videos about her marriage to her husband and their glamorous life in New York.

But a comment on a TikTok of Stella showing off her engagement ring – at the behest of a follower – made him fulminate.

“I can’t understand how stupid it is that you bought a ring at Kwiat Diamonds paying retail margins when you live in New York and have access to the [Diamond District]”the commentator wrote.

Kwiat Diamonds is a diamond jeweler founded in New York City in 1907 and known for their engagement rings and vintage style jewelry. According to her website, the cheapest engagement ring starts at $ 1,400.

Stella’s particular ring is an emerald-cut solitaire natural diamond that her husband chose for the proposal.

“I love your passion but I hate your attitude and the assumptions you make,” Stella said in response to the commentator’s criticism. “It’s my right to spend my money the way I want – or, in this case, my husband has the right to spend his money the way he wants. “

Stella also added that a friend of hers is an investor in Kwiat, so her husband was able to take advantage of that when making the purchase.

“I also went to the Diamond District and spoke to three different jewelers and got a quote for the same karat size and the same specs and each of them quoted me between 18,000 and 27,000. $. Following that we paid, ”added Stella.

“I understand that I can spend my money in a way that some of you may choose not to and that’s okay, we all have different priorities, different preferences, different financial situations”, she continued, “but it’s really not for you to tell me what to do. to do.”

Stella’s other subscribers mostly supported her response to the commentator.

“I’m looking at you BECAUSE you spend money in a way that I wouldn’t,” one person joked.

“It’s not a matter of how she and her husband decide to spend their money,” said another.

“[It’s] so old-fashioned to be obsessed and wondering how other people spend their money, ”someone agreed. “Everyone should focus on themselves. “

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