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Jim Bob offers dating advice and possibly a warning about Jeremy Vuolo

On Tuesday’s last episode of “Counting On”, Jinger Duggar and his relationship with Jeremy Vuolo were in the spotlight, especially with Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle, who traveled with their daughter to Texas to return. visit to her beau.

In the September 13 episode, the Duggars were introduced as they visited Jeremy’s house in Laredo, which is currently a bachelor apartment.

“I am really delighted that Jinger is meeting my parents. I’m really excited to be spending some time alone with them where Jinger and I can talk to them, maybe get some advice, some wisdom from them, ”Jeremy said. “It’s always a little scary to see everyone coming into town to see where I live and stuff.”

Jinger and the former professional footballer were visibly engaged in physical contact in front of their parents, especially with the draping of the arms.

While Jim Bob and Michelle have said nothing about such moves, a TV producer asked the engaged couple about Duggar’s traditional rules and standards for dating.

“Jeremy and I have our own set of courtship rules and our own standards that we desire,” Jinger commented.

On the other hand, Jeremy believed that the Duggar’s dating rules weren’t clear to him and that he felt that the most important part of the process was the intention behind the actions they were doing.

On their second day of visiting, Jeremy took the Duggars and his parents to the city center, where they admired the local architecture and chose between dining establishments.

Interestingly, Jim Bob suggested they go to a local pawnshop, which came as a surprise to them as engagement rings were plentiful.

“Don’t fool yourself now,” Patriarch Duggar as Jinger reviewed the jewelry.

“I didn’t want them trying on ring sizes or anything at this point,” Jim Bob told the cameras.

Over dinner, the former politician led the conversation facing Jeremy’s current situation, as he currently lives on “a modest pastoral salary.” In particular, Jinger’s father pointed out that such an income would not be enough to support his love for thrift stores.

“Jinger loves second-hand shopping, and it’s expensive!” Jim Bob said.

“Are thrift stores expensive?” Jeremy asked.

At this point, Patriarch Duggar suggested that Jeremy should have a part-time job in order to increase his income. To this statement, Jinger and Jeremy had no response.

Additionally, Jim Bob complained that Laredo was sexy and asked Jeremy if he was planning on moving to Arkansas, to which the former Major League Soccer athlete was answered in the negative.

“It’s kind of like you’re on the gas pedal and I’m on the brake pedal. You’re still getting to know each other. You’re two months away – two months and up,” said Jim Bob, as adding: “I don’t think they are yet in the place to exchange saliva.”

“Counting On” airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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