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Kate Middleton news: Prince William’s wedding ring “reflects emotion” – photos

The royal family said ‘yes’ on April 29, 2011 during a ceremony held at Westminster Abbey.

It is a royal tradition that family members receive bespoke wedding rings.

These are made from Welsh gold and Prince William gifted one to his wife on their wedding day, said Benjamin Collinson, CEO of FIYAH.

Speaking to, he said: “The wedding ring is made from a piece of Welsh gold, given to Prince William by the Queen after their engagement was announced.

“It’s a family tradition that dates back almost 100 years.

The ring is a small band that Kate always wears next to her engagement ring.

Benjamin added: “It’s a slim style to suit Kate’s slim finger and the perfect accompaniment to the bigger, bolder engagement ring.”

Many members of the royal family have worn similar rings, such as the Queen and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.


Although in a similar style, each ring is uniquely crafted from rare gold.

Benjamin explained the meaning of the “one” group created for the mother of three children.

He continued: “It’s completely unique and created with gold which is perfect for the bride of the future Prince of Wales.

“Jewelry has the ability to reflect emotions, commemorate loved ones, or bring comfort.”

The expert said: “The engagement ring was selected by Diana from a ready-to-buy range presented by Prince Charles.

“It was apparently chosen because of its resemblance to Victoria’s brooch.

“It was worth less than £ 30,000 at the time, but has been valued at almost £ 400,000 more recently.

“Some say the value would be much higher, considering its heritage and history.”

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