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Lost wedding ring found on the beach and returned to the couple on their anniversary

The handmade gold bracelet, which Daryll Leslie treasured, slipped on when he went for a swim with a buddy on a beach on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, early last month.

Daryll Leslie with the ring after his comeback

A man who lost his wedding ring while swimming was stunned when a man returned the group on his birthday, after finding it with a metal detector.

Ahead of Daryll and Carey Leslie’s wedding in September 2019, the couple spent a day making each other’s rings.

But the gold ring, which Daryll, 31, treasured, slipped on when he went for a swim with a buddy on a beach on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, early last month.

He only spent 20 minutes in the water but due to an illness, Raynaud’s, which restricts blood flow in cold water, the ring slipped.

Carey, 37, who works as a life skills coordinator, was on a spa weekend with friends when the ring went missing – so Daryll initially claimed nothing had happened.

He finally told her when he realized the likelihood of recovering the group was low, he said.

Daryll, 31, married Carey, 37, on September 28, 2019


Daryll Leslie / SWNS)

Daryll used social media to try to locate the ring – which was found by Stephen MacLeod, 31, who lives on the island.

Stephen arranged for it to be delivered to the couple in person in Edinburgh, with the special package coincidentally returning to Daryll’s hands on their second wedding anniversary.

Daryll, an interior designer, said he and his friend were swimming in a “beautiful” little cove on the island when tragedy struck.

“As we got back to the car, I realized I didn’t have my wedding ring,” he recalls.

“My fingers are shrinking in the cold. I looked at my hand and was emptied.”

The package containing Daryll’s ring accidentally came into his hands on their second wedding anniversary


Daryll Leslie / SWNS)

Although he said it was “kind of a material thing” it was important to him because he and Carey had made the bands for each other.

“It’s not easily replaced,” he said.

“It’s not like I can walk into H. Samuel and choose another one.

“Carey texted me asking how things are going and I said, ‘Great, that couldn’t be better. “

The search was made easier by the relatively small area in which Daryll and his companion had swam – the trough had been limited to part of the bay surrounded by boulders at high tide.

Daryll said the pair had “a rectangle” that they knew they weren’t going to venture into.

Before the swim in which the ring was lost


Daryll Leslie / SWNS)

“We knew we weren’t getting past those rocks on either side so we could bring it down slightly,” he said.

“If he had only been on the beach, we would never have been able to find him.”

Painter and decorator Stephen believed he was unlikely to be able to find the lost ring when he was dating a friend.

He usually stuck to the fields when looking for treasure, he said, digging up things like old coins.

Stephen said: “We had been looking for over an hour and nothing was happening. I thought it was long gone, even while we were looking we weren’t really expecting to find it.

“Once I got the signal it came to my machine saying it had found gold and I knew right away before I started digging that was it.”

Stephen MacLeod having found the ring


Daryll Leslie / SWNS)

Daryll and Carey were delighted they got the ring back


Daryll Leslie / SWNS)

Stephen was shocked, as he said he believed the tide would have taken the group to sea.

Locating the precious object was an “incredible feeling,” he said.

Daryll now planned to send the ring to a jeweler, to be resized to prevent it from slipping again.

Daryll said: “It was a nice surprise and we hadn’t even expected it.”

Carey said she was “obviously” disappointed to learn that the alliance had been lost, but said she “knew there was no point in giving her a hard time.”

“I didn’t think there was a chance we would get it back,” she said.

“I was really over the moon when he was discovered because I knew Daryll would be so happy.

“What a great thing to do, go out and look for someone you don’t know.”

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