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Maquisha Hamlett and John Chappell Exchange Wedding Vows on May 8 | Celebrations

Maquisha Hamlett and John Chappell tied the knot on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 4 p.m. at the TJM Community Center, 1011 Cluster Springs Road, South Boston. Pastor Ronnie Womack was the officiant. The parents of the bride are Ethel Hamlett and James Callahan. The parents of the groom are Josephine Jones and the late John Chappell Sr.

The bridesmaids were Tatlyann Hamlett, Kayonna Chappell, Lillie Hamlett, Crystal Chappell, Felicia Fallen Telica Womack, Jayla Hamlett, Rochelle Hamlett and Veronica Chalmers. The maid of honor was Lakeisha Davis.

The best man was Derrick Jackson. The groomsmen were Timyarn Benjamin, Micheal Easley, Nick Chappell, Luther Coleman, Shawn Coleman, LamAdre Adams, Derrick Coleman, Deontae Hamlett, Gary Chappell and Devin Walton.

The Flower Girls were Aailyah Hamlett, Ja’Leah Chappell and Ka’Myrah Jones. The ring bearer and security were Jace Chappell, Jaleal Palmer and Semaj Callahan.

The mothers of the bride and groom received a bouquet of flowers. The bride and groom placed photos with roses and tea lights on chairs in memory of loved ones, John Chappell Sr., father of the groom, and Ms Pauline Callahan and Ms Dora Hamlett, grandmothers of the bride.

The color theme for the wedding was purple, gold, and black.

The exterior where the bride and groom were united in the wedding was decorated in the colors of the theme. The arch was decorated with purple flowers. The chairs for the family had purple ribbons.

The groom wore a white tuxedo with a gold waistcoat, matching shoes and black pants. On his jacket he wore a purple and gold flower.

The bride wore a white dress and veil as well as a pair of long, glittering gains and a matching necklace. Her wedding bouquet was white with purple flowers with a gold accent. The flowers for the bridesmaid were white with a touch of gold. The groomsmen all wore purple and gold flowers on their coats that matched the groom and the groomsman. The flowers of the matron of honor were purple, white and gold to accentuate the flowers of the bride. The flower girls’ dresses were white with purple flowers sewn into the bottom. The ring bearer and security wore black tuxedos and purple vests. Security also had stylish security badges on their coats. The bridesmaids wore purple dresses with matching purple and gold shoes. The groomsmen all wore black tuxedos with purple vests. The witness wore black and purple with a gold waistcoat. The robe of the matron of honor was gold.

The reception area was decorated in gold, white and purple with a silhouette lighting up behind the white to mix the bride and groom. The tables were decorated in a solid, shimmering gold theme. The wedding table was set in the color of their theme. They were seated on stage in the king’s and queen’s armchairs, adorned with flowers from cover to cover. The wedding table and the parents’ table also had this theme, as well as the guest tables. From the ceiling was draped in sheer white fabric creating a princess dream. The bride and groom’s name and wedding date were on the wall near the cake. Monitors were on either side of the stage showing pictures of the bride and groom. Upon entering the reception, the bride and groom had a welcome, in their chosen color theme, that said Welcome to Our Forever.

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