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Melissa Ordway & Justin Gaston de Young & Restless Wedding Anniversary – Relationship Timeline

On September 22, 2012, the actors said the most important line of their lives: “Yes. “

According to Melissa Ordway, agreeing to become Mrs. Justin Gaston was the “best yes I have ever said.” And if you’re a social media fan of the couple, who are celebrating their ninth year as husband and wife, you’d be hard pressed to chat. Their lives, it seems, are as full of laughter as they are with love.

The Young and restless the star and her significant other, who replaced Donny Boaz as Chance on Abby’s most recent lavish wedding, often share photos and videos of themselves having fun together and with their daughters , Olivia Christine, 5, and Sophie Jolie, 3 See below, for example, the great time the family had last month on Gaston’s birthday.

Needless to say, if Ordway had to do it all over again, she would. She even shared a video in response to the question: If you saw a glimpse of your relationship before your first date, would you go anyway? Take a look and see if his answer isn’t obvious.

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On the way to the comments to wish the couple the best of luck on their anniversary, stop by the photo gallery below, which follows their relationship from first meeting to happiness forever.

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