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Mike Tindall might struggle to get Zara Phillips’ romantic wedding anniversary gift

When Mike Tindall asked Zara Phillips to marry him, the £ 30,000 ring he designed himself was both beautiful and thoughtful.

Because the jewelers noticed that he had chosen a “low diamond” so that Zara, Olympic silver medalist, could wear it while riding.

Finding a similar gift to mark the tenth wedding anniversary on Friday, July 30 might be a bit more difficult since it’s supposed to be pewter.

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The feeling that he is as durable and flexible as their marriage can be good, but he will be hard pressed to find a worthy gift for the Queen’s granddaughter made of such a humble metal.

The best gift he can give her is probably himself.

Rugby player Mike’s nickname is Tind’s, but you can barely hear the D. The way she looks at her husband sometimes is probably all Zara wants on his birthday.

And maybe that’s all she gets. We tried to help Mike with some current suggestions and realized how difficult a task he was facing.

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Zara’s ring

Tin cups

The obvious giveaway are pewter mugs engraved with their names that are everywhere online. Hardly the most romantic gift for a woman raised so royally.


There are several artisans in Cornwall who make very pretty earrings and necklaces from the metal mined in the county.

They’re lovely, but can he really gift a heart-shaped pendant that costs less than £ 100 to a woman who wore diamond earrings and a tiara borrowed from the Queen on her wedding day? Take a look at some here.

A sculpture

Simply Sculpture by Besp-Oak makes works of art from a variety of recycled metals and although they are intended for the interior of the home, a galvanized pewter horse would be perfect for the garden as it will not rust.

A life-size horse described as both whimsical and beautiful costs £ 3,561.80 and may remind the silver-medalist rider of her late Toytown horse.

A horse by Simply Sculpture by Besp-Oak
A horse by Simply Sculpture by Besp-Oak


By browsing Etsy, eBay, and the like, he could find a lot of interesting pewter toys that he could buy from Zara.

For example, a vintage wind-up toy horse with a spinning tail and movable legs costs £ 150 on Etsy. Vintage metal rocking horses cost around £ 50 for the Mobo sprung version, going up to several thousand pounds.

Unfortunately, carousel horses are traditionally made of wood, so a fairground ride in the garden is not an option for the romantic Mike.


Originally, tin was used for cans to preserve food. In theory, then, he could buy Zara anything from foix gras and truffles to spaghetti alphabetti and sardines. If she has a sweet tooth, he might try canned peaches or even retro cookies and candies. Some even have pictures of the Cotswolds on the front.

The best we could find was a box of luxury pink and classic champagne truffles made with real Mercier champagne from the Hotel Chocolat for £ 20.


Nowadays, you can get everything from puzzles, music quizzes and bee hotels to flower-pressing kits in cute tin cans. To be fair, nothing seemed perfect for the sporty and active Zara, used to entering and leaving palaces.

A bath

Do not throw cold water on it. Old pewter tubs look quite trendy when installed in the correct setting.

Pinterest is also full of rustic planters and recycled water features made from old baths.

Mower Magic sells new 54 inch galvanized pewter tubs for £ 125, but if I were you Mike I would make sure to buy a high end hot tub to go with it or you could end up in the Hot water.

Flower pots

Ikea sells 12cm Socker pewter plant pots for just £ 1.25

It might be cheap, but one reviewer commented, “Classic and modern for your potted plants. Looks good.”

Household items

White Rose & Blossom candle in box - Tesco
White Rose & Blossom candle in box – Tesco

I said he would struggle, didn’t he? If pushed, he might buy some retro storage boxes with labels like Coleman’s mustard that look good. Why don’t I think Zara wouldn’t appreciate an empty box unless she has something correct inside? Then there are the retro tin signs.

You can buy boxed candles everywhere you look except on the Queen Jo Malone Candle website which tends to use glass. Cheat and pretend the silver top is made of pewter and buy the signature lime, basil and tangerine homemade candle for £ 50.

A weekend at Ironbridge

The world’s first iron bridge was erected over the River Severn in 1779 and marked a turning point in English design and engineering. You could spend a romantic weekend exploring Ironbridge Gorge and stepping back in time to the living museums.

Or book vacations to places named Iron in America, Turkey, Russia and France.

And finally….

Otherwise, he could try anything bronze. According to tradition, bronze is associated with the eighth anniversary, but since it is made from copper and tin, you could probably use it again for the tenth.

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