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Missing Alliance Found at Terrace Heights Landfill | Local

A bride-to-be’s worst nightmare ended well on Wednesday at the Terrace Heights landfill.

Yakima resident Andrea Castro said the box containing her new wedding ring accidentally ended up in the trash. Castro and her fiance were about to take engagement photos, but quickly changed their plans. She immediately called her trash can business.

It was too late to stop the truck, but workers at the Terrace Heights landfill dump used Castro’s address to determine where his trash likely ended up downstairs, according to an email from Jacob Clay. , Administrative Director of Yakima County Public Services.

Castro and County maintenance technicians Lori Amodio, Tom Escobar and Courtnee Wooderson began their search. They searched the trash for over an hour before finding the ring.

“It’s no small feat for them to find a tiny ring in a huge amount of garbage,” said recycling coordinator Marci Venable. Each truck transports 4 to 7 tonnes of compacted waste.

“The smell was as off-putting as you can imagine,” added Clay.

Venable said that in his 15 years in the Yakima County Solid Waste Division, they had only found two lost alliances before.

Castro said she is easily disgusted but swallows her pride in order to find the ring. She probably would have given up on her research without the support of the maintenance technicians.

“I cannot thank them enough for the help they gave me because without them I would have been so lost,” she said.

People who accidentally throw away valuables are encouraged to call Yakima County Solid Waste Division staff at 509-574-2450 as soon as they can, Clay said. Staff cannot guarantee that the item will be found, but will do their best. Time is running out, he said.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include more information from Andrea Castro.

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