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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Chase and Whitney’s Paris Wedding Plan Leaves Fans Confused, They Call It ‘Fake’

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star Whitney Way Thore and her fiancé, Chase Severino, are deeply in love and their social media and the reality show itself is enough evidence to confirm the same. However, the recent episode aired today saw some tension build between them, which caused Whitney to fear that at the end of this trip she would end up single.

But, as fate willed it, it turns out all of his worries were wasted as they are now engaged and viewers will catch a glimpse of them at the Eiffel Tower while Chase shows up for the big deal on a knee with a ring.

Viewers who follow the show, however, have repeatedly called out the show for being scripted on various occasions. Whitney embodies body positivity, but she still struggles on a daily basis with people who make her ashamed of her appearance. There is certainly an exaggeration around this narrative and fans have accused the show of creating events just to spice it up.

Whitney’s relationship with Chase has also come under scrutiny. Tonight’s episode saw a lot going on between the duo. First off, they were about to be locked in the same room with Whitney’s business partner, Ryan, and Whitney made it very clear that they disagreed with this. But, Chase was a cool cucumber about it and had no qualms about the arrangement, none that he expressed at least.

Second, while in the room he asks Ryan to leave him alone with Whitney for 30 minutes and as soon as he’s out Whitney calls his parents and Chase walks away and sits across from her. . People following the show reported it on a Reddit thread, that Chase still looks embarrassed and uncomfortable around Whitney and notices a trend here, where they feel like he’s not spending a lot of time with her and is walking away from the premiere luck he has.

Later in the episode, when Whitney brings up a conversation about the future, Chase looks deeply unsure as he has made it known that he doesn’t really know if he wants to have babies. Later in the show, they set off for Champagne Country and have to ride it down on a tandem bike for a little while to reach their destination. “Do you seem happy to be leaving with Ryan in tandem too? He doesn’t want to be anywhere NEAR Whitney for long periods of time lol,” one viewer wrote.

Whitney’s alchemy with her best friend Buddy Bill also caused quite a stir among viewers. They’re extremely close to each other and very maneuverable, to the point that viewers wanted them both to try out. However, when Chase and Whitney reunited, viewers could see that there was no fire among them. “Her eyes don’t light up when she sees Chase, but they do when she’s with Buddy. I don’t think her relationship with Chase is real.” wrote a spectator. Another said: “Does anyone really think they have a real relationship? Every fiber of me screams that it’s wrong. I don’t really know why. I’m not saying Whitney couldn’t. not having a guy like Chase, but something that seems really wrong and off. “

The next episode will feature the moment they got engaged at the Eiffel, but fans don’t believe this to be real due to how quickly this is all moving forward. “Current episode for example. Chase says he doesn’t know if he wants to have kids and in the next 20 minutes they’re going to get engaged ?? They figured it out so quickly ??” read a comment.

Chase and Whitney live in different states but plan their wedding very zealously and preparations are in full swing. They are catching up with the distance by taking many trips together and also posting beautiful photos together on their social media. We wish Whitney and Chase the best as they begin this new journey of their lives together.

Watch “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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