Wedding vows

Nancy Sorrell says she would like to renew her wedding vows with Vic Reeves

Having made a stint in the I’m A Celebrity jungle and modeled for Ann Summers, Nancy Sorrell is no stranger to cameras. We are therefore delighted to see her again in the limelight where she belongs!

When we reunite with Nancy after our exclusive photoshoot at her Victorian Kent home, she is thrilled to be a model again. “I loved every minute,” she beams. “As soon as I’m behind the camera, I’m ready! The mother of two – who has 15-year-old twin daughters Nell and Lizzie with comedian Vic Reeves (real name James “Jim” Moir) – says, “Our daughters love to act, just like us. I think they would be great on TV, they’re both stubborn.

Here Nancy, 46, talks about being a mom to teenage twins, planning to renew her marriage vows with her husband
18-year-old Vic, 62, and the secret of their happy marriage …

Nancy Sorrell opens up about being the mother of teenage twins and renewing her vows

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Hi Nancy! Do you find shoots like this a breeze due to your modeling experience?

Absolutely yes! Wherever I am, the model comes out of me [laughs].

Tell us a bit about your home …

We moved in on May 9, 2006, then I had the twins on May 25, so soon after. We love the William Morris design, which runs throughout our home. The room in front of our bedroom was once the twin bedroom and is now my den. It’s filled with cupboards, so it’s like our walk-in closet.

Who has the most clothes?

We all love our clothes – especially me. I should have stopped spending money during lockdown, but that made me happy.

Nancy Sorrel
Nancy says the family always dines together and spends most of their time in the kitchen

Where do you spend the most time with your family?

We had our kitchen redone about three years ago as we found that the veranda was not used as much. So we made it more open. We spend every evening having dinner together.

You call Vic “Jim”, don’t you?

Yes! When I met him he introduced himself as Jim. Vic is his stage name. His name is now Jim Moir, because he’s an artist and that’s what he signs his work with.

You will be married for 20 years in 2023. What celebrations have you planned?

Another party [laughs]! Or we could do something as a family. We love to organize many dinners for friends and family. My mom and dad have been married for 51 years. They are such an inspiration to me.

Will you renew your vows?

We actually talked about it. I love the idea and think it’s a good thing to do. We’ve been together for so long.

Nancy Sorrel
Nancy admits she would like to renew her vows to her husband, Jim

Do you have traditional roles at home?

The twins are 15 years old and they are almost as tall as me. We take care of them both. We take turns doing the school race. Jim is the main cook of the house. He’s so good at it. I keep the house tidy and clean. But it’s a 50/50 effort. I also love our garden, it is just beautiful.

Do you do the gardening together?

We love to sit and admire our beautiful garden. I don’t like weeds so you won’t see any on my patio. Jim grew tomatoes and zucchini last year in his herb garden and we used them all.

How did you find the confinements?

We faced! But it was horrible. The kids were amazing. I am so proud of them. They have been recognized for their hard work by their school with awards. They are good girls.

What are they both in?

They both like to play. Nell once performed at the Marlowe Theater. They took a picture of her on stage and used it for the poster! It is such a beautiful photo. Lizzie also loves to play, but she also always does art.

Nancy Sorrel
Nancy thinks her twins would have incredible media careers

Would you mind pursuing a career in media?

No, I think they would be amazing. They are very stubborn, intelligent and talented girls. They will do well.

What does a mother of twins look like?

[Laughs] My daughters are just the best. They get along so well as twins. When we go out, they will walk hand in hand. They are so close and I love it. It’s nice to know that they are the same age and have the same interests. They are both funny together and they get along so well. They are still together.

Jim also has two children from a previous marriage. How do you find being a blended family?

Unbelievable! My stepdaughter Alice and her fiance Cam just had a beautiful baby boy named Angus. You can’t help but spoil it. We are all very close. I have known Alice and Louis since they were little.

How is Jim as a father?

He’s the best dad ever. Lizzie does cosplay, so she has a lot of wigs. Jim will go up there and some of the wigs will disappear! Jim likes a wig.

Nancy Sorrel
Nancy says she loves making TikTok videos with girls

So you all share the love of acting …

Absoutely. We like it. Lizzie loves Hamilton. I’m going to learn a few so that we can do it together. We did a lot of TikToks together. I love it.

Social networks also have their drawbacks. Did you teach them that?

Yes! Lizzie and Nell are really good. They don’t have a lot of photos but they seem to have a lot of followers. They are very open with me and tell me everything. They are very intelligent. I always tell them to be careful. Lizzie has a lot of TikTok followers because she’s really good at what she does. But they are good people, there are no trolls.

Do you have experience with trolling?

I never experienced it, but if I did, I would just delete it. Jim tells me not to read the comments, but I like it. Jim and I did these disco dances on social media and people tell us we made their day. We always did stupid things together. We make each other laugh and the twins make us laugh too. We are a hilarious family [laughs].

What’s the secret to your happy marriage to Jim?

We love ourselves. I think we’re pretty similar now. I just love to laugh and enjoy life. Now, I can’t wait to watch the birds because Jim really fascinated me. Every other day we take a five mile walk to the Kent Marshes where we can find the birds. Another thing we love is airplanes. I just gave Jim a present to get on an old 1930s British de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane.

Nancy Sorrel
Nancy admits she loves birding with Jim

You met on television in 2001. Was it love at first sight?

There was definitely an attraction there. I was chatting with Jim and it was like we had known each other for years. We hit it off right away. But the next time I met him I had thought of him so I had feelings then. It was September – I know all of our dates! This year marks the 20th anniversary of our meeting – our first date was September 15th. Oh my God I can’t believe I know all the dates [winces and laughs].

Do you think it’s important to keep your hands on important dates?

Absoutely. In our covenants we have the exact times he asked me to marry him. I can honestly say there weren’t any obstacles on the road – we never even had an argument!

What’s the secret to your model’s appearance?

I’m always asked about my red liquid lipstick and signature eyeliner, so while on lockdown I decided to make my own line. It’s launched on a new website called The Fabulous Me Company, which was developed by my manager and good friend Jaine Brent, to help support women’s charities and encourage women to build their own support network with women. like-minded people in their communities. I am their first official ambassador and I am so excited.

That sounds good ! What else do you have to come this year?

I recorded a dramatic comedy podcast called Curl Up And DI with Jim and an amazing cast of actors coming out soon. I will also be doing a little more modeling this year, as well as theater and television. I can spend more time on it now that the girls are older.

For more information on the podcast, check out Nancy’s Instagram page @nancy_sorrell and visit for news on the launch. Nancy is Harley Street SKIN Ambassador. Watch Nancy on Nick Ede’s radio show this Sunday, visit

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