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Patsy Palmer holds hands with husband Richard Merkell on 21st wedding anniversary

Patsy Palmer – real name Julie Merkell – first came to prominence in 1993 as Bianca Jackson on the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

When she joined the cast of EastEnders, Patsy was a single mother living with her son Charley, now 29, from her relationship with boxer Alfie Rothwell.

While starring in the series, Patsy was briefly married to filmmaker Nick Love in 1998.

The soap opera star appeared as her character between 1993-1999, before filming in 2008 until 2014, and again in 2019.

She was set to return the following year, but the pandemic halted her plans for her to reprise her role as Bianca.

Patsy first appeared on television in The Gentle Touch in 1984, then in 1985, when she played Natasha in the children’s drama series, Grange Hill, until 1987.

The TV star, who was born and raised in Bethnal Green, east London, has already spoken candidly about her troubled childhood.

She once admitted to trying alcohol at eight, snorting solvents at 11, and even snorting cocaine at just 13.

It was Patsy’s mother who first spotted her acting talent and encouraged her to attend acting school in London. Patsy was bullied at school, playing the role was a form of escape for her.

When she joined the cast of EastEnders, Patsy was a single mom living with her son Charley (pictured)

On her first stint on EastEnders, Bianca’s on-screen marriage to Ricky Butcher [Sid Owen] in 1997, attracted one of the largest audiences for soap operas ever, over 22 million.

Patsy returned to the series for a two-hour special in 2002, where she reunited with her beau Ricky onscreen in Manchester for the first time in two years.

In 2005, she hit the soap opera and called its plots “ridiculous” and ruled out a return to the series, before reprising her role again in 2008.

Patsy’s autobiography was published in the UK on April 5, 2007. In the book, she described her rise to fame, her struggle with addiction and how she struggled to overcome her problems.

The media personality attributes part of her drug and drinking recovery to her husband Richard Merkell, whom she married in 2000.

She previously said: “He gave me what I always really wanted – a real family.”

Shortly after her marriage to Richard, Patsy gave birth to their first child together, a boy named Fenton, on June 13, 2000.

She quickly had her third child, and Richard’s second, on July 7, 2001 when they welcomed their daughter Emilia.

In December 2010, the couple had another child, a son named Bertie.

Patsy's autobiography was released in the UK on April 5, 2007

Patsy’s autobiography was released in the UK on April 5, 2007

For 10 years, starting in 2004, she lived with her husband and children in Western Terrace and then in Kemptown, Brighton, England.

In 2014 the family decided to make a lifestyle change and moved their offspring from Brighton to Malibu, where they still live now.

In addition to making some great friends, including Camille Grammer and Cindy Crawford since moving to the United States, Patsy also discovered wellness and meditation.

At the end of last year, Patsy seemed to have traded comedy for a new passion, as she launched her new Instagram wellness page, Good and Proper.

Patsy, who appeared to have taken inspiration from lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow, encouraged her followers to “take time” on her new page.

On Twitter, Patsy posted: “I just launched a new page on Instagram to support my new journey… join me @goodandproperhair.

While recovering, Patsy said, “It’s so foreign now, I’m so far away…” I couldn’t even do yoga when I was 20 because I couldn’t sit still.

“Right now he’s the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m still in the present and it’s the only place I want to be.

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