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Pokémon wedding plan offered in Japan, with a beautiful Pikachu wedding cake

The organizers suggest that the beloved The mascot of the anime / video game franchise could make an appearance on your special day.

Recently, romantic gamers’ hearts raced when a wedding chapel in Kobe revealed it would start offering Final fantasy-themed weddings. But what if your tastes turn to sweeter, mellow franchises, or you just don’t plan on getting married in the capital city of Hyogo Prefecture?

So maybe the answer is a Pokemon Wedding, what a Japanese wedding planning company written, which has rooms all over the country, will be happy to welcome you.

The writing has a dozen chapels in Tokyo alone, as well as others in Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Sendai and even Okinawa. All are elegantly appointed, but soon the bride and groom will have the opportunity to add a Pokemon touch not only to the decor, but also to the celebratory feast.

The set includes place cards and program flyers adorned with charming illustrations of loving Pikachus with their tails sticking out of a bed of flowers, in which they may be sharing a just married kiss. Electric types of the bride and groom also greet guests as part of the welcome table, which is usually placed at the entrance to the banquet hall where the wedding reception is held.

If you have a Pokemon marriage, chances are you’re more concerned with personality-infused pleasure than heavy tradition, and therefore wedding cake eschews the stereotypical snow white whipped cream for a pastel yellow Pikachu shade, decorated with citrus slices and macaroons, some of which are decorated to resemble Poké Balls of various categories.

With Pokemon as weddings are always a new matrimonial option, the rules of etiquette are not fully defined, so whether to throw a button at your new spouse as a metaphor for how you ‘caught’ them remains a gray area. which should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

You also won’t have to wait for dessert for the edible Poké-fun to begin, as the French cuisine included as part of the Pokémon Wedding Plan also features artistic flourishes hailing the video game / anime franchise.

The writing says this is just the start of what makes the Pokémon Wedding Plan special, offering the hint that it also has a “wonderful performance” what we’re assuming means Pikachu himself might show up to toast your wedding. The company is currently taking reservations from interested parties through its website here, with reservations available from February 27. If you and your loved one decide to get married in this unforgettable way, and you have some extra space on your guest list, we would very much appreciate an invitation (if only so that we can try a bite to eat). this Pikachu wedding cake), and we promise to come dressed appropriately in our finest Pokemon dress shirt.

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