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Q&A TV: What happened to a news anchor’s alliance?

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Q: I noticed that Kelly Sasso no longer wears her wedding ring? What’s the scoop on this?

– Michael via Twitter

Rob: Don’t get too excited, Michael.

“I am always very happy in marriage with Nicolas Sasso, my husband for almost 10 years”, writes Sasso by e-mail. “The truth is… I never liked the feel of wearing jewelry, including rings (I should have told Nic before he proposed! We could have saved some money). The only adornments I can tolerate are the earrings because I can’t smell them. The last straw for me has been the covid. I was constantly removing my rings to wash my hands, and it became too painful. Lucky for me, Nic is a very reliable and understanding husband.

I appreciate Sasso’s play response. For the record, I don’t like delving into TV presenters / journalists and their personal lives, except when it comes to something that has an impact on what viewers see on air (e.g. a presenter of MIA, pregnancy, injury or in this case a wedding ring, etc.).

Q: Why does David Muir appear to have his “Gorilla Glued” right hand on his desk? Sometimes he can move it, but immediately flattens it on the desk. It has become a distraction every time I watch ABC World News Tonight.

– Rick, New Castle

Rob: The way Muir positions his right hand seems to have an impact on Rick’s viewing experience, but the tone of the question, however funny, is unlikely to elicit a response. An ABC publicist did not answer Rick’s question.

Q: I really enjoyed the 7:30 p.m. news on KDKA with Meghan Schiller. It wasn’t just a replay / replay of previously aired news, but it featured some interesting reporting and excellent interviews. Meghan was wonderful. So where has she been for almost three weeks?

– Sharon, Mount Washington

Rob: Schiller posted on her Facebook account last week that she took time to spend time with her husband Marine after her deployment to Syria / Iraq. TV news presenters also have vacations.

Q: What happened to forecaster Danielle Dozier on Channel 11? I just noticed a new TV commercial showing Scott, Stephen and Jessica, but not Danielle. Has it evolved?

Also, why does Kristin Emery still work from home? And has Mary Bear had her baby?

– Kay by e-mail

Rob: I reported in May that Dozier chose to quit WPXI. She did not say if she had planned a new job at the time. Her most recent Instagram posts are vacation photos in Honduras. On Facebook, she says she’s moving but doesn’t say where.

Emery has traveled out of state, and KDKA company policy requires employees to work from home and self-quarantine for a week after traveling out of state. So if you see people who have been in the studio suddenly working from home suddenly following this policy is probably the reason.

Ours gave birth to Wally on March 28. She will be back on the air at KDKA at the beginning of August.

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