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Rochelle and Marvin Humes reveal surprising future plans for their wedding anniversary

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Rochelle and Marvin Humes celebrated her ninth wedding anniversary earlier this week and announced some very surprising news: they are planning a second wedding!

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The couple, who share three children together, posted several memories of the wedding day on their Instagram Stories and in a photo of them at the altar shared by their wedding planner Mark Niemierko, Rochelle wrote: “Get out your little book black Mark… We “I decided next year that we would do it all over again. 10-year marriage. “

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She then shared a video of guitarist Joe Ross and added, “Our incredibly talented @josephrossmd performed for us 9 years ago… Hope you warm up for next year.”

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This is not the first time that the mother of three has expressed her desire to renew her marriage vows with her husband Marvin.


Rochelle and Marvin share three children together

Earlier this year Rochelle spoke exclusively to HELLO! about their 2012 nuptials and revealed his wish to start all over again in 2022. “I think what’s different is that people change in your life. There are people in my life now that I’m so close to and they weren’t not at my wedding. There are people that I would have as a bridesmaid now who weren’t there then, “she said of her biggest regret on her wedding day. .

She went on to reveal, “I think we could do it again next year on a smaller scale. Let’s do it, why not? It’s a big milestone, isn’t it, 10 years?”

The couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on Tuesday

While Rochelle and Marvin want a “smaller scale” wedding, they could have it in the same location, Blenheim Castle, because it is so special to them.

The couple went there this weekend to mark the special occasion. Sharing a video of their stay there, Rochelle wrote on Instagram: “This weekend I was a little calm … Because he surprised me with a trip here … where everything s ‘happened. I was very moved … so a lot has changed since then … I feel so lucky. “

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