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Running Springs Widow Hopes for ‘Miracle’: Return of Lost Alliance on Highway 91

A Running Springs woman hopes a good neighbor can help her recover her lost wedding ring given to her by her recently deceased husband.

“We had been married for 2 and a half years… Yes, we were trying to have a baby,” said Naomi Symonett, who lost her husband Dwayne in August due to complications from COVID-19. He was 43 years old.

About two months after Dwayne Symonett’s death on October 11, Naomi Symonett lost her wedding ring after a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm with her family.

Symonett rolled down her window to say goodbye to her brother, who was driving next to her, when the ring flew from her finger on 91 Freeway, eastbound near Brookhurst Street in the Fullerton area.

“It was the wind. It was windy and I lost weight. Since my husband passed away, I have lost a lot of weight. Between that and the wind, it flew right away, ”Symonett said. “Total shock. Complete shock. It was the last thing I had that linked me to Dwayne. It was just the most precious possession.

Naomi Symonett called the California Highway Patrol, and one officer did her best, going above and beyond the call of duty in seeking to find the ring, to no avail.

“This ring represented the world to me. Dwayne chose him. It was very symbolic, ”said Symonett.

Symonett said she knew “It’s going to take a miracle,” but asks that if anyone finds him, they contact her on Facebook.

A reward is available to anyone who finds it.

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