Wedding anniversary

Sarah Michelle Gellar forgets 19 years of marriage

“I honestly thought it was tomorrow.”

The Buffy the vampire slayer The star had no idea yesterday was September 1. She revealed that she confused herself when she shared a return photo from her wedding on Instagram.

“Today, on the occasion of our 19th wedding anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to thank @goodmorningamerica and @usweekly for alerting my #momsquad that it was indeed our anniversary,” she said. writing.

“And my turn, thank my #momsquad for alerting me, because I honestly thought it was tomorrow.”

“Happy birthday @realfreddieprinze today, tomorrow and any day after that, I think it could be our birthday in the future,” Gellar concluded.

After reading his post, Freddie jokingly commented, “I’m staying with tomorrow. I don’t care what they said.” MDR.

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The couple met in 1997 when they shot the classic horror movie i know what you did last summer. They then married in 2002 and welcomed children, Charlotte and Rocky, in 2009 and 2012.

Now, they’ve been living the rest of their lives together, and it seems like they’re at that point in their relationship where days turn into months and months turn into years.

Don’t worry, everyone forgets their wedding anniversary. I can’t help but laugh at the fact that Gellar mentioned it on Instagram.

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