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Two Coinbase employees exchanged NFT rings with their wedding vows

Two Coinbase employees managed to find a heartwarming use for NFTs by incorporating them into their wedding, exchanging the digital tokens as part of the ceremony.

Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky say that next to their traditional Jewish ceremony, the couple also sent each other digital tokens as “virtual rings”. In a Twitter thread Regarding the wedding, Rose said their virtual rings now exist on the blockchain “for all to see as proof of our commitment to each other.”

Normally, a wedding photo with the couple at the altar using their phones would be, to say the least, a little depressing. But with the context that they are basically exchanging rings, albeit in a non-traditional way, that makes him kinda cute. It also helps that you can actually see the exchange for yourself – obviously, it’s on the blockchain.

I know we tackle NFTs a lot here at The edge, but honestly, the more I dig into the cheesy details of it, the cuter it got. For example, they named the token Tabaat, the Hebrew word for “ring.” If you are looking for the Tabaat Token on Etherscan, this shows that two tokens have been struck and that no more can ever be crafted. How romantic.

There is also animation that the couple asked to add to the NFT, which in itself is a pretty decent representation of marriage.

The charm of this story doesn’t really lie in the technical details – most people probably wouldn’t find blockchain so romantic. It’s that two nerdy people found one nerdy thing that they both were passionate about and turned it into an important moment in their relationship. It’s something quite easy to like.

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