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Vic Reeves’ double joy as he renews his wedding vows and welcomes his grandson

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been 20 years since Vic, 62, and Nancy, 46, got together and now they’ve become little Angus’ grandparents – and they’re even planning a second honeymoon

Vic Reeves celebrates his wedding anniversary and welcomes his grandson

Vic Reeves is doubly happy – he just became a grandfather and renews his wedding vows to his wife Nancy Sorrell.

But in his quirky style, the comedian plans to dress his new grandson in a glam rocker to be their page boy.

It’s been 20 years since Vic, 62, and Nancy, 46, reunited, 17 years since they were married, and now they are the grandparents of eight-week-old Angus, whose mother is Alice. , Vic’s daughter from his first marriage.

Now, to celebrate his long union with Nancy and the arrival of baby Angus, they are planning a second honeymoon.

Vic said, “We are always talking about renewing our wedding vows. It will be a small event. We will be going somewhere close to home or the Lake District as we like it there, we were going every semester in February.

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Vic and Nancy have been married for 17 years


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Vic – also Louis’s dad from his first marriage to Sarah Vincent and 15-year-old twins Beth and Nell with Nancy – has said his new grandson could be a special page boy.

He joked, “When the twins were little, I had the idea of ​​growing up a baby in the shape of a glam rocker that would be a sequined costume with zigzags and platform boots. So maybe I’ll do one for Angus.

Vic believes that the secrets of a happy marriage are laughter, friendship and never arguing.

The couple met 20 years ago



He said, “You have to make sure you marry your best friend. Nancy and I have never had a crossword, we both like the same things and we both make each other laugh.

“It’s great to be with your best friend all the time. It doesn’t make me want to leave my house.

Vic admits having a gorgeous wife was “an added bonus” and that he loves shopping for flowers and leaving little love notes for the 46-year-old former lingerie model.

“We always do romantic gestures,” he said. “We do it all the time.”

Vic said he missed his comedy partner Bob Mortimer


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Being locked up in their Kent village is no hardship, but Vic reveals that he has missed his comedy partner Bob Mortimer, who he has worked with since 1989.

“We’ve been really good friends for years,” he said. “When you work with someone who writes and you are together all day, you become like brothers. “

Last year was the first year the duo haven’t performed together, so Vic is excited to be working on a film based on a script they wrote a decade ago called The Glove, on research similar to the Holy Grail for Michael Jackson’s gardening glove.

Vic with Alice and little Angus


“We had a few Hollywood stars who showed some interest.

“Paul Rudd was interested. We love Nicholas Cage, ”he said.

Bob will be releasing his autobiography later this year and his old friend smiled, “He showed me a story section – he’s very nice to me.

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Vic’s projects include the jury for the B&Q Gardener of the Year competition. He explained, “I’m looking for gardens that make you happy.

But Vic, also a successful artist under his real name Jim Moir, has no plans to retire.

He added, “Retiring would mean you don’t like doing what you’re doing. “

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