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Watch: Diver Cliff’s lost alliance has returned, thanks to another diver, social media

October 5 (UPI) – An alliance lost on a cliff dive in Hawaii was returned to its owner thanks to another cliff diver and the power of social media.

Lexi and CJ Jorden-Ames said they did a cliffside photoshoot with photographer Jamie Ronning on the island of Hawaii last year to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, and they dived 30 feet from the cliff to take special photos.

CJ said the ring was still on his finger when he touched the water, but felt it come off as he climbed over the lava rocks.

“I reached the rock and literally felt like someone took it off my finger,” he told KHON-TV.

The couple said they searched for the ring for over a month and even attempted to use a metal detector, but found no trace of the lost wedding ring.

Ryan Priest, a Big Island resident, said he was diving off cliffs months later in the same spot when he made an unusual discovery.

“Just a normal day in the ocean and I decided to jump one of the cliffs over there,” Priest said. “When I came out of the ocean, I noticed that there was a ring in the lava rocks.”

Priest and his wife, Corinne, have posted articles about the ring on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, but almost a year has passed without any clues as to who owns the ring.

Ronning said she first installed TikTok last week and found herself browsing videos on the Aloha Zoe photography page, the company owned by the priests. She ended up spotting the video featuring CJ’s lost ring.

“I thought there was no way it could be the ring. Of course, I reached out,” Ronning said.

Ronning contacted Lexi, who then contacted the priests to orchestrate a surprise for her husband on a trip to the beach.

“We looked at a photo of them to find out what they looked like,” said Ryan Priest. “When we saw them walking along the beach, I started pulling out my phone. I started taking selfies of Corinne and me.

“After taking a few selfies they were walking past, and I’m going to apologize, I’m really bad at taking selfies, do you mind taking a picture of us in this beautiful ocean?” “

After CJ took a few photos, Priest told him that he dropped something and picked up a handful of sand – containing the lost ring.

“Honestly, everything went perfectly. Perfect Hawaiian-style aloha,” Ronning said.

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