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“We take care of each other”: couple renews wedding vows on their 75th anniversary

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A 90-year-old couple plan to renew their vows on their 75th wedding anniversary.

Dorothy and Edward Alber said they met in 1941 on a roller skating rink. They’ve known each other since they were teenagers, and since that day it’s been a life of love.

“From there, we got married for five years. Since then, it’s been a turn. We had a lot of fun and a very wonderful life, ”said Alber.

The couple exchanged “yeses” 75 years ago and remember their romance like it was yesterday. Edward said that what took his breath away the day he met Dorothy was her beauty.

“She’s pretty. She’s beautiful. We danced a lot on skates,” he said.

The couple will reaffirm their love for each other on Tuesday at their Myrtle Beach home, where they will be surrounded by their loved ones.

“We have a minister who lives next door. He is going to marry us. He is going to take our vows again, ”said Edward Alber.

The Albers share their secret to having a happy marriage.

“We take care of each other. We’ve never been apart. He’s had his health issues for him, and I’ve had a few things with me too, and we’re getting over them together,” Alber said.

Dorothy Alber said she already had her dress on and was heading to the hair salon, all in preparation for the big day.

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