Wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary gift ideas by year

We all need to feel special every now and then. That is why, whenever there are special days or moments to celebrate, we must take full advantage of them. Everyone knows that your wedding day is one of the most memorable and special days in your life. And the good news is that every year we feel really good on our wedding day. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a beautiful thing. And today, we want to help you celebrate in style. Today we have prepared an article that shows you the type of wedding anniversary categorized by year and the type of gift you should give for each of them. We will also share with you a few wedding anniversary gift ideas per year.

Celebrate the most special day of your life every year

Paper wedding anniversary

The first and most important wedding anniversary is that of paper. Celebrating a year of marriage is very special. It is generally accepted to give paper gifts to your partner in the first year, because just like paper, your union is still thin and vulnerable. There are many ideas for paper wedding anniversary gifts. For example, you can think creatively and create date cards. On the other hand, you can give your partner a nice poster, showing the date of your wedding and any other important date in your life. The possibilities are limitless.

A sundial is such a beautiful and creative gift

sundial gifts for ten year wedding anniversary

Aluminum or pewter anniversary gifts

The first year is important, don’t get me wrong, but there is something very special about celebrating 10 years of marriage. The 10th grade symbol must be aluminum or tin. Both are metals, but the two are not the strongest metals. Much like your marriage – it’s strong, but you still have room to grow. If you want to be creative, you can make an aluminum plaque with your wedding song or a beautiful sundial, with a special message.

Celebrate 20 years of marriage with a beautiful Chinese ensemble

China set of gift mugs for wedding anniversary

Chinese gifts for wedding anniversary

Once you’ve hit the 20-year mark, your wedding anniversary might not seem like the most special day. However, it is still important to celebrate it. Because it’s a wedding anniversary in China, naturally, a porcelain set makes the most sense for a gift. If you already have one, you can treat yourself to cute porcelain mugs with special messages. You can even get a cute porcelain tea set if you like to have tea together.

Treat your other half with a pearl necklace for your 30th wedding anniversary

pearl necklace gifts for wedding anniversary

Pearl Gifts for Wedding Anniversary

Your 30th wedding anniversary is important because it marks a very long time that you have spent together. The symbol of the 30th anniversary is the pearl. Of course, a pearl necklace is the perfect gift. However, you don’t have to break the bank. Instead, choose a jewelry box with a little pearl detail or some decoration on it. It will be a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary in red

ruby gifts for wedding anniversary family tree

Ruby wedding anniversary

Once the years start to roll by, it might not be so much about giving yourself gifts to your partner, but more about your kids giving you birthday presents. 40 years together is a long time. The symbol of the 40th anniversary is the ruby. Now rubies are undoubtedly expensive. Of course, the best gifts are ruby ​​rings or necklaces. However, anything that is red in color is really well accepted. For example, the photo below shows a beautiful family tree in red, which is a very personal, thoughtful and creative gift.

50 years together is a special occasion you absolutely must celebrate

fabergé egg gifts for wedding anniversary gold

Gold Wedding Anniversary Gift

50 years together! Wow! Just saying it makes it feel like it’s a lifetime. If you’re celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary, you’re in luck. Congratulations! The most obvious gift, of course, is gold jewelry. However, it can be a bit pricey. That is why, for example, you can choose a pretty gold figurine, like a rose. Another option is to get dinner service with golden details. In general, anything that has even a little gold in it makes the perfect gift!

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