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Why Prince William does not wear a wedding ring but Brother Harry does

Although Prince William and Prince Harry’s wedding days share many similarities, there is a wedding tradition that one brother follows and the other does not.

Prince William and Prince Harry at the unveiling of a statue of their mother Princess Diana earlier this month

Princes William and Harry both married their wives in lavish ceremonies watched by millions around the world.

The two royal brides – the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex – were impressed with their stunning dresses and at each wedding the brothers acted like each other’s best man.

But despite some of the similarities of their big day, there was a tradition that William chose not to follow – but Harry does.

And it is that Harry wears a wedding ring while William does without it.

It was revealed just before his wedding to Kate that William would not be wearing a ring.

Kate and William on their wedding day 10 years ago


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Speaking at the time of his wedding, a palace insider said: “He’s not the type to wear jewelry. He never wore it. He decided he didn’t want to wear it now. It all depends on his personal preferences. “

Kate is said to support her husband’s decision, but she wears a wedding ring next to her gorgeous sapphire engagement ring, which belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Meanwhile, Harry can often be seen playing with his wedding ring at formal engagements, which is a platinum band with a textured finish made by jewelers Cleave and Company.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their wedding day



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Meghan Markle’s wedding ring is also made by Cleave and Company and is made from a piece of Welsh gold – as is the tradition for royal brides.

She wears it next to her engagement ring, which consists of two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection and one from Botswana.

Shortly after their first wedding anniversary, the gorgeous piece was redesigned and the solid gold bracelet was replaced with a thinner micropaved bracelet. It was not clear why she made the change or when it happened.

Prince Harry’s wedding ring, which is a platinum ring with a textured finish


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Meanwhile, a royal documentary earlier this year revealed that Prince Harry had “selflessly” ditched the iconic sapphire engagement ring of his mother, Princess Diana, so that his brother, Prince William, could have it. give to his fiancee Kate Middleton.

After Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, Prince Charles allowed his sons to select pieces from his jewelry collection to keep.

It is believed that the sapphire ring went to Harry, while William chose a gold Cartier watch.

But in the show The Diana Story, Princess Paul Burrell’s former butler explained that shortly before William offered his now-wife Kate in 2010, Harry offered his brother the chance to give his bride-to-be. married their mother’s ring.

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